Knowledgebase : Virtual Private Servers

Due to the way our network is setup, we do not mix subnets on servers therefore we can only allocate you IP's from the same C class. We are quite happy to provide multiple VPS or dedicated servers, each in a different subnet. This ensures for greater efficiency and security.

You can use your VPS for anything you like as long as it is legal and doesn’t break our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). In general, everything which is legal in the UK is allowed.

As long as you stay within your monthly bandwidth limits we have no issues with streaming or VOIP applications hosted on our network. Each machine has a fully dedicated 100Mbps connection, with multiple GigE uplinks per rack, so bandwidth should not be an issue.

What causes this?

OpenVZ is incompatible with the Udevd daemon which populates the "special files" in /dev/. If you install udev either on purpose or by accident as part of an upgrade, you might be unable to SSH in or have a number of strange issues.

How can I fix this?

Login to your VPS via console access, and run the following to recreate null, random, tty and pty devices:

/bin/rm -rf /dev/null
/bin/rm -rf /dev/random
/bin/rm -rf /dev/tty*
/bin/rm -rf /dev/pty*
/bin/mknod /dev/null c 1 3
/bin/mknod /dev/random c 1 8
/sbin/MAKEDEV tty
/sbin/MAKEDEV pty

If this still hasn't fixed your issue, please open a support ticket.

Unfortunately our datacentre is very behind on deploying IPv6 and we are waiting on them for further news. When IPv6 is available we will update this post and notify all customers by email.

We don’t have any official limits however we wont allocate more than a few IP’s for a smaller VPS, and we wont allocate IP’s unless they are absolutely necessary.

IP’s will not be allocated for SEO, VPN, Proxy or for ease of management.

IP’s will be allocated for genuine purposes such as Dedicated IP’s, SSL Certificates and Nameservers.

We reserve the right to reclaim IP’s from your server if we find they are not being used for their given purpose.

All of our VPS come with access to SolusVM which is an intuitive control panel allowing you to Start, Stop, Reboot or check the status of your VPS.

To access SolusVM, go to

If your VPS is down, the first thing we would suggest is login to SolusVM and see if it’s Status is “Online”. If yes, you can use the console access option which will drop you inside the VPS via the host machine. You can then get a better idea of what the problem is or make changes to any configuration files as necessary.

If console access is not responsive, your VPS may have run out of memory or has gone unresponsive. Please try to reboot, or Shutdown (wait 10 seconds) then start. If your VPS doesn’t come online in a few minutes, please raise a support ticket. Don’t forget to include the IP of your VPS!

Since OpenVZ is container based virtualization, it doesn't support loading kernel modules. Iptables should be working out of the box, and you can enable Tun/Tap and PPP from within our SolusVM control panel. If you are having issues please open a support ticket.

On Xen you can load your own kernel modules, so if they are not available by default simply run "modprobe tun" for tun/tap and simular commands for iptables and ppp. Again if you are having issues please open a support ticket.

We have various different hardware configurations in use, but in general all systems are loaded equally. Newer machines are more powerful, and therefore host a larger number of VPS.

Some of the setups currently in use are:

Intel Core2Quad Q9400 (4x 2.66GHz)
4x 320GB Western Digital SATAII HDD
3Ware 9690SA Hardware RAID10

Intel Core i7 920 HT (8x 2.66GHz)
4x 500GB Western Digital SATAII HDD
Adaptec 2405 Hardware RAID10

Intel Xeon X3460 HT (8x 2.80GHz)
4x 1TB Western Digital RE4 SATAII HDD
Adaptec 2405 Hardware RAID10

Intel Core i7-3770 HT (8x 3.40GHz)
6x 1TB Western Digital RE4 SATAII HDD
Adaptec  5805 Hardware RAID10

We have extensive experience with a number of popular open-source virtualization technologies. At the moment we provide VPS based on OpenVZ through and Xen via

If you are looking for a highly reliable UK VPS with consistent performance, look no further than xenSmart. We can also deliver semi to fully managed support options, just get in touch.