Knowledgebase : Dedicated Servers

Due to the way our network is setup, we do not mix subnets on servers therefore we can only allocate you IP's from the same C class. We are quite happy to provide multiple VPS or dedicated servers, each in a different subnet. This ensures for greater efficiency and security.

What hardware do we use?

We are very picky about hardware and only use proven, brand-name components in all of our systems to ensure maximum uptime. We have a mix of Dell PowerEdge, Supermicro and systems we have built ourselves.

Our favoured component brands are:

* Western Digital hard drives
* Crucial(Micron), Samsung or Hynix memory.
* Intel, Supermicro or Dell Motherboards.
* Seasonic or Ablecom Power Supplies.

All of our servers are given a full hardware test before being delivered to customers.

Nearly all of our Dell and Supermicro systems have fully integrated Remote Reboot and KVM-Over-IP facilities.

What is your SLA on hardware replacements?

Our dedicated server products do not include a hardware replacement SLA by default. If you are hosting mission-critical applications and need a hardware replacement SLA, we can offer upto a 4 hour SLA at additional cost. Please contact sales for further information.

We try to maintain a selection of spare parts onsite which includes Motherboards, Power Supplies, RAM, Hard Drives and RAID Cards suitable for most of our systems. In the event of hardware failure on your machine, we will check our spares inventory and if the necesarry part is there, we will arrange for it to be swapped out by one of the onsite technicians. If we do not have the required part and your server is currently unusable, we will aim to move your hard drives over to another chassis as soon as possible.

We have 24x7 physical access to our equipment, 24x7 access to onsite technicians and have staff located ~1 Hour's driving distance from the datacenter.

In any case we aim to resolve all hardware issues within 24 hours, and in most cases it should be done in far less time.

All of our Dedicated Servers are hosted from our private racks in Spectrum House in Maidenhead, a high quality facility owned and operated by the iomart Group. Hardware is 100% owned by us.

Further details on the facility and network can be found on our company websites.