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Webhosting jargon buster
Posted by Chris E, Last modified by on 01 March 2010 02:36 PM
Disk Space

Disk Space is the amount of storage you have for all of your files on your hosting account. Your disk space is calculated based on the files you uploaded to your account, the content of MySQL Databases, and the content stored in your Email accounts on the server.

Monthly Data Transfer

Although it pretty much speaks for itself, your monthly Data Transfer is the amount of data you can transfer to and from the server in 1 calendar month. This includes both in and outwards traffic (upload and download). Monthly Data Transfer is commonly referred to as "Bandwidth" which is technically an incorrect use of the term. Bandwidth referres to the throughput or "speed" of a connection.

Parked / Add-On / SubDomains

A parked domain is where you sit another domain ontop of an existing website. Lets say you own two domain names, and You setup your account with a website using the domain name, but you also want to point to the same website. To do this you would "Park" the domain, using the feature in cPanel.

Add-On domains do something slightly different. They allow you to host multiple sites on a single cPanel account. Let's use the same basic example. You own two domains, and You setup but want a slightly different site on your domain. Add-On domains allow you to point your domain to a sub directory. A basic example is shown below. From looking at the root or top level directory of your account, this is how it would be organised:

Directory | Name | Domain

Subdomains are basically the same as Add-On domains, except you use an addres such as instead of a full domain name.

MySQL Databases

MySQL Databases are used to provide the backend for scrips such as Blogs, Bulletin Boards and content management systems.


cPanel is the industry leading web hosting control panel and automation platform. All of our Web Hosting services, both Shared and Reseller, are based around the cPanel hosting platform. You will recieve access to cPanel, allowing you to login and manage all of your account features.

The main reason that we use and reccomend cPanel to all of our clients is primarily down to functionality and ease of use. cPanel provides one of the most diverse and feature-rich hosting platforms in the industry, and we can say that with confidence after using it for more than 4 years. cPanel provides a clear and intuitive interface, providing easy access to the all the features whether you are beginner or a developer.


WHM or Web Host Manager is the Administrator extension of the cPanel hosting control panel. WHM is included with all of our Reseller hosting plans, and allows you to create and manage your own fully featured cPanel accounts. One of the great benefits of reselling our hosting is that you don't worry about having to do any of the technical/behind the scenes work!


Fantastico De-luxe is a 3rd party cPanel Addon, which allows users to install common and popular scripts such as Blogs, Bulletin Boards and Content Management systems with a single click. This saves the hassle of having to upload the files manually, create the MySQL database and so on.

In addition, Fantastico will also allow you to update your scripts with a single click, to the latest supported version.