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My VPS is down, what should I do?
Posted by on 13 October 2012 02:43 PM

All of our VPS come with access to SolusVM which is an intuitive control panel allowing you to Start, Stop, Reboot or check the status of your VPS.

To access SolusVM, go to

If your VPS is down, the first thing we would suggest is login to SolusVM and see if it’s Status is “Online”. If yes, you can use the console access option which will drop you inside the VPS via the host machine. You can then get a better idea of what the problem is or make changes to any configuration files as necessary.

If console access is not responsive, your VPS may have run out of memory or has gone unresponsive. Please try to reboot, or Shutdown (wait 10 seconds) then start. If your VPS doesn’t come online in a few minutes, please raise a support ticket. Don’t forget to include the IP of your VPS!